About PahrumpBiz.com

PahrumpBiz.com is an online directory of businesses located in and around the community of Pahrump, Nevada. PahrumpBiz.com is a local business search engine. It allows people to search for local businesses based on name, category, location, keyword, and other search criteria.

PahrumpBiz.com is also is a great way to advertise your business online!

My name is Shane Coursen. I’m a webmaster at Let’s Talk Graphics. PahrumpBiz.com is something that I started in February, 2019. It isn’t really tied to Let’s Talk Graphics. It’s more of a Skunkworks project. Call it my personal quirk — I enjoy collecting, sorting, & sifting data.


  • All of the great photographers who freely contribute their work to Pexels.com and PXHere.com (which I’ve implemented as category pictures)
  • Social communities, because the locals know local stuff best!
  • To the ever-growing list of people who have contributed solid information. You know who you are and I thank you for your input and enthusiastic support for this project!

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