5 Tips When Giving Ratings

Online ratings are similar to word-of-mouth advertising so it is important to follow a common sense guideline when expressing your opinion about a business listed at PahrumpBiz.com.

The same as with Facebook, Google My Business and any other number of websites, PahrumpBiz.com allows a person to rate a company they’ve done business with. This is done by way of a star rating system. At the time of this writing, it is also possible to leave a written review.

Will Ratings Work?

Yes they will work, but there must be a level of accountability for the ratings system. To use it you must first register a free account. Registering a free account ensures that you are a real person and not just a bot. Secondly, as is the case with most testimonial systems, your nickname is used as the author of the testimonial. Accountability.

How Ratings Work

Select between one and five stars when rating a business. One star means that you generally would not recommend the business to others. Five stars indicates that you would definitely recommend this business. Two, three, and four stars fall somewhere in between. The descriptions may not be scientific, but the star system works.

Here are a few additional tips:

  1. Don’t rate a business while you are angry, especially if your anger is directed at the business you are about to rate! It’s ‘rate’, not ‘berate’. I’ll be the first to say that I’ve made the mistake of expressing my rage online. Sure it feels good to vent, and for a lot of people writing out their frustrations on a social platform helps. Thinking that you might have a sympathetic audience helps too. But raging online isn’t always the best choice.
  2. Your star rating doesn’t appear individually from others’ star ratings. At first your rating might be the only one that exists, but as more people give their own rating, an averaging system kicks in. If you want to personalize your rating, you may also include a message.
  3. Do give ratings! The more ratings that a company earns, the better picture we build of the very best that Pahrump has to offer!
  4. Do be honest! If a business is legit bad don’t be afraid to give it a one or two-star rating. Equally, when a business is great, let everybody know by throwing out as many stars as possible!
  5. Ratings are akin to word-of-mouth advertising. In Pahrump, word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful force. Be nice (as possible) and play fair!

This website may also allow people to leave written reviews. I’m all for public discourse, but overly toxic reviews may be reviewed and scrutinized for accuracy, and possibly removed. Also see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

[updated 5-9-2020: I’ve loosened the restrictions on giving ratings. For the time being, ratings may be given without the need to first register a user account. NOTE: Ratings given by registered users will remain on the site as long as the review abides by this website’s Terms of Use policy. Ratings given anonymously may be removed without notice.]

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