Cold Calling

Cold calling

I use to call the people in sales ‘marketroids’. It was a term that I picked up on from somewhere, one that I used without fully understanding what it meant.

Sadly, I now understand what it means.

Repetition. Say the same thing over and over again. Recite the same points over and over and over again until they become rote.

Marketing. Droid. Marketroid. I’ve been assimilated. 🙁

I am not a salesperson. I never was, nor will I ever be good at it, nor will I ever feel comfortable doing it. I’m a techie; a computer nerd. Things like data correlation and Cartesian coordinate systems interest me. I like to create things, not sell them.

No choice. Must let people know about I’m doing it by making phone calls to everybody who has a business listing. I’m not really trying to sell the product. Rather I’m verifying information that I have about the businesses that are already listed. But I’m getting the word out.

There have been some interesting realizations along the way! For example, a disturbing number of businesses appear to be out of business. I’ve been reaching the owners of the now-defunct businesses, but they usually sigh and can only apologize. I feel bad for these people because I know they probably gave it their best shot. [Edit: I’ve since added a field named PERMANENTLY CLOSED. It is a checkbox field and, if enabled, the message ‘THIS BUSINESS IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED’ appears in the business listing.]

It’s a relief when I reach somebody who understands the concept of and can make use of it. It makes the call so much easier. Sometimes it almost feels like I’m meeting the neighbor who has lived next door forever, but I’ve never had the chance to meet. I’ve mentioned the annual price of in more than one phone call. People are intrigued, to say the least!

What people ask me the most

“That is a very old [phone number/address/website URL] that you have. Where did you get your information from?”

If I have old information about your company, I’m probably not the only one who is finding it. How much business is lost because people can’t find your company?

Understand that I did not purchase a list from some distribution center. I pulled all of my information from the internet, using one carefully crafted search after another. I mainly used Google Search as a base of operations. Most entries required at least 2 or 3 unique searches. One or two searches just find basic info, and another 1 or 2 to cross-check the results.

Of the thousands of websites that I visited along the way, I would estimate that about 50 overall provided good/accurate/resolving data. This is not to say that I was able to visit one website and pull an entire profile of information about a business. Sadly for these tired wrists, profile building always involved visiting multiple websites.

Pulling the magic rabbit out of a very BIG hat

What that means is: Assuming I knew exactly which websites look at ahead of time and where each piece of a company profile (as defined by were kept, I would have had to look at 50 websites over 2000 times in order to build a complete/cohesive/comprehensive picture of the actively licensed businesses in Pahrump. (And I did.)

Consumers aren’t going to look across 50 sites to find your business! They are going to type in a keyword in their search engine and find the business at the top the the search results list. Pahrump needs a single website that can do the job of all 50 AND focus on local companies —!

It’s time to boil down all those websites into one local directory. And since I’m not happy with just passing along a bunch of unverified data, it’s time to make more cold calls.

My name is Shane Coursen. I’m a local business owner and website developer. I’m trying to direct more business your way. When you hear from me on the phone, please don’t hang up. (I’ll just visit your store on foot. 😉 ) My call will be quick, and could make the difference between posting accurate information about your company, or no information at all.

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