Report Incorrect & Dead Listings

Most of the data points in this website are correct, but some are incorrect. A feature named “Flag listing” allows people to report incorrect or ‘dead’ listings.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the initial dataset at came about by studying the Town of Pahrump active business license list. In a followup post I discussed how additional data points were gathered (street addresses, telephone #’s, website addresses). In a 3rd post I wrote how it was time to start cold-calling businesses to verify their information.

Good isn’t good enough.

The goal of this website is to present accurate information about local businesses. The very last thing that I want to do is spread misinformation, but I can only research things so far and dial so many numbers per day. (Remember, this is a solo / side project at this point.)

Even if I worked on this website from now until the end of 2019 it won’t be perfect. That bothers me but it is unavoidable. A business directory is a living project. The updates — adding, removing, and refining, — will never end. Suffice to say, work (which includes corrections) is ongoing.

How to report an incorrect listing

If the listing is your business and it contains incorrect information, of course I would appreciate it if you were to claim the listing and make the correction. It sounds easy enough, and it is, but note, claiming a listing involves choosing a fee-based plan. The good news is a basic plan only costs $39 per year. If you do the math, that’s just over $0.10 (10 cents) per day to advertise at a website that receives hundreds of high-quality visitors each month; people who will likely use your company, but only if they can find it easily online.

With the long-winded sales pitch out of the way, I’ll understand if you don’t want to claim your listing, or even if you would like it removed from this website altogether. I’m not one to force anybody into anything they don’t want or need.

Even if you have no plans to actively use as a base for future online advertising, claiming your directory listing is still of great value:

  1. Claiming your listing immediately tells me that your listing/company is real (because cold-calling takes time). When I run a monthly clean sweep, a listing that is claimed stays in the database. Listings that aren’t claimed eventually disappear from view.
  2. Once a listing is claimed, you own the claim for 365 days. The listing is yours to enhance. Regardless of the plan that you choose your business contact information will be indexed and on display for everybody to see.
  3. This website doesn’t require $100K/year to operate, but it is also not a cost-free project. Part of it needs to be monetized if it is to survive.

Lastly, there is an option to flag a listing (examples shown ahead.) Clicking the flag listing button will open the appropriate email form. Fill in the details and submit it.

Note that you must register a free account and be logged in to see the flag listing button.

Example: Results page

Example: Listing Details Page

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