Selecting Your Business Category & Adding Tags

Are you listing at Make sure to maximize your exposure as much as possible and in the proper way!

By choosing the best business category, you place your business in front of the people who are searching for a specific set of goods & services.

Choose One Category, Two At Most

Not only is expensive from a database point of view, placing your business in too many categories may actually confuse people. Analytics logs tell the story — people shy away from businesses that claim to do it all. On the other hand, people like businesses that focus on their specific need.

There are currently about 650 categories.

A business may choose to place itself in more than one category if it offers services related to two different categories. For example it is common for a Real Estate agency to also offer Property Management services. Or you could just use business tags.

Business Tags

You select a category from a set list. You add business tags by freely typing in text. Simple and powerful!

Business tags are an easy way to quickly describe the minutiaeĀ of a business.


  • Real estate is your primary service. You also dabble in property management. Choose Real Estate as your business category, and add “property management” as a business tag.
  • Photography is the service that you offer so your category is Photographer. But that’s being rather general. Tags such as ‘real estate photographer’ and ‘wedding photography’ help to further identify focus.

People tend to use one or two words in when searching for a business, so business tags are generally made up of one or two key words. Tip: Tags that use more than 2 words often fail to match. Keep the length of your tags to a minimum!

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