Guide to Using

Much like or, is a search engine. Type in the name of a businesss, click on the Find Listings buttons (or press the enter key), and scan the results. It’s the easiest way to find a listing.

Unlike Google, doesn’t use a natural-language search engine. Typing in a phrase such as “show all mechanics in 89048 zip code” isn’t going to work. Type mechanic 89048 instead.

PahrumpBiz also has an Advanced Search!

Finding what you need

Find listings for <keywords>

A basic search input box can be found on the front page of the website. At the time of this writing, the BASIC search form searches for businesses by name, by a keyword, by a category name, and by business tag.


A keyword search starting at the Business Directory search page casts the widest net. The word ‘graphics’ by itself will find all companies with the word graphics in their name and/or business description.

A keyphrase allows your search to be a little more specific. The key phrase “let’s talk graphics” (no quotes) will find a business named Let’s Talk Graphics. If a listing includes the words ‘let’s talk graphics’ in the business description area, you will also find that business name in the search results.

Adding quotation marks to a search query allows you to be even more specific. Quotes generally aren’t required so use them only when you want to find an exact keyword or phrase.

Searching for LOCAL businesses

This website is about serving local businesses to local customers. To narrow your search down to list just the businesses in Pahrump, or just the businesses in Las Vegas, Henderson, and etc., there are two methods:

Method 1

In the basic search form, simply type the name of the business (or website address, or other valid search criteria) followed by a Pahrump ZIP code. For example — ‘construction 89048’ will list only the construction companies that exist in Pahrump.

Method 2

  1. Use the Advanced Search
  2. In the Business Address field, be sure to include ‘Pahrump’ (no quotes, and it doesn’t matter if it’s in uppercase or lowercase). In addition to any other other search criteria (e.g. tag, category, etc.), your search will now show only those businesses that have a Pahrump address.

NOTE: Typing a local ZIP code in the Zip Code field would yield a similar result but for the widest net, use ‘Pahrump’.

Search for a business by Business Tag

To the user: Nothing special required here. Perform your search as you normally would.

To Members: Your short description, long description, and business tags are powerful features. When you claim your listing, be sure to make use of them! Here’s why…

Business Tags: Searching for a business based on a business tag allows people to find a company based on a one- or two-word description. For example, a vacuum sales company named ‘Joe Knows Dust” using the business tag ‘Vacuum’ will be listed when somebody does a search for ‘vacuum’ or ‘vacuums’.

Joe Knows Dust doesn’t have the word vacuum anywhere in it and yet it will still be found when somebody searches for vacuums. The person doing the searching didn’t have to know the name of the business, yet found a company (Joe Knows Dust) that deals in vacuums. Business Tags are powerful. Apply them wisely!

Without business tags, Joe Knows Dust may not be found in a regular keyword search.

NOTE: Early on this website will not make significant use of Business Tags. I’ll fill them in as I can, but only business owners know what to use as their business tags. As cold-calling progresses and business owners claim listings, the use of tags will increase.

Short & Long Descriptions: Use key words in the short and long description fields to search for a business

Listings containing inaccurate data, and listings for businesses that have permanently closed

The goal is to make PahrumpBiz an accurate & valuable resource. As much as possible I try to get correct info, but businesses sometimes move their location, change their phone number, and even permanently close up shop! If you see a listing for a business that you know has closed shop, or one that has an incorrect address or phone number, please let me know!